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Don't Be Late - A Poem
Aug 6, 2013

Don't Be Late

by Jeff Smallwood

When we could neither walk nor talk, still we knew it right,
To take it in, observe, and learn, from everything in sight.

The toddler in us all would find the joy in simple play.
Forever adventures in our mind, whether night or day.

As children we would soak up knowledge like the dryest sponge
Would soak up water, getting wet, as we took the plunge.

The adolescent youth conflicted, torn between the world
Of innocence and changing ways as futures are unfurled.

Career constraints, responsibilities, conspire day and night,
To keep that young perspective down and tied up very tight.

For some it breaks the bonds mid-life, unbarreled in release.
In cookie-cutter roles we sit and redefine our peace.

When time it comes to settle down, and take stock of our lives,
We must ensure that spark of youth was nurtured and survives.

For when we face forever rest, and sing our final song,
It’s far too late to see you should have lived young all along.



debbie martin
5:42 PM

Deborah George Wright
6:06 PM
Eloquent and captivating! Freeing us to remember who we are. Thank you, Jeff.

6:58 PM
VERY nice. Warm.uxgu

Kerry Watson
6:14 AM
Multi-talented. Beautiful shot and poem.

Very nice and multi-talented

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