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There was no pot of gold
Nov 19, 2011

There was no pot of gold, originally uploaded by jeffsmallwood.

This rainbow (there's actually part of a double on the left) was the most complete and clear one I'd ever seen...and I got to see it TWICE!

This is taken at Compass Cay. The entire beach was empty except for our group of five people. The rain started as we approached the beach and we weren't in the water more than 10 minutes before the rainbow showed up.

I high-tailed it out of the water and ran to the shelter where we had placed our bags, hoping I had enough time to capture the entire rainbow before it faded. We didn't have towels or any beach stuff with us because we only stopped at this island to look around, not to make a scheduled beach trip. It was raining, I grabbed my shirt to remove what dripping salt water I could from my face and hands, and pulled the camera from my bag.

I had to take this shot in three separate photos because the rainbow was too large to capture in one frame. I took the shots with a lens sprayed in rain and the rainbow faded, so I rejoined my parents, brother and sister-in-law in the ocean.

Maybe 10 minutes passed and another full size rainbow showed up, and remained visible in pieces until we finally left the beach.

All in all, I think I saw 6 separate rainbows on the seven day trip to the Bahamas. By the end, I wasn't even bothering to take my camera out of the bag...pretty pathetic to be spoiled by rainbows :)

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