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Vaporize - Cooling Towers at Night
May 31, 2012
Went back to the power plant last night. Earlier in the evening the atmosphere was perfect for very tall vapor trails as I could see them rising from miles away in the distance. I headed over trying to catch a colorful sunset behind the plant, but as it got closer to sunset the atmosphere changed and the trails shrank. In addition, the sunset wasn't all that amazing...pretty but not "oh wow" pretty.
Lightning and Stars - Do Not Give Up Quickly
May 24, 2012
If at first you don't succeed...

...try, try again.

I occasionally attach little stories or some background information about a particular image, but this one's definitely got a story to it.

Cradle Me Gently
May 20, 2012
As some of you know, I'm usually one to ask for forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to photography. But I almost gave up on this shot because I didn't want to break the rules.

The National Botanical Gardens has a strict no tripod rule, which sucks when there are so many awesome things to take macro photos of, and doubly-sucks when the day is overcast and the light inside the greenhouse is soft and even (but low).

A Day at Little Norman's Cay
May 19, 2012
As the husband of a stellar Creative Memories consultant, I'm lucky that my wife not only earns some of the company's incredible incentive trips, but she's kind enough to take me along with her on occasion :) We recently attended the CM trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas. One of the excursions we could sign up for ahead of time was a day long boat trip to another island in the Exumas that included a snorkeling stop as well. The adventure was an experience to remember.
Full Moon Seascapes
May 14, 2012
I was lucky to have been in the Bahamas recently, and as luck would have it, the trip coincided with the rise of the supermoon in May. Unfortunately we weren't in a location where we could witness the moon actually rise. I snagged a few shots about an hour after it came up, but since I couldn't see it come up over the horizon the next best thing was to wait till late at night. A full moon is awesome light and gives a distinct, unique illumination to the world under long exposures.